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hostus的OVZ架构升级为OpenVZ 7

Announcing upcoming upgrades to your HostUS OpenVZ VPS service!
Soon we will be migrating your VPS to OpenVZ 7, the next generation of OpenVZ with higher performance and better features. No action will be required from your side, though we thought you might be interested in what will happen behind the scenes – please read on.

As a technologist you likely know that OpenVZ virtualization had lingered for years. Quite recently OpenVZ 6 became an end-of-life product. Don’t worry though, as HostUS continues to receive kernel patches. The old kernel version (2.6.32) and more popular open source packages requiring newer kernels have made OpenVZ 6 a less desirable hosting option. If you wanted to run Docker you have had to use our custom (and old) CentOS template or move to more expensive KVM virtualization. If you wanted to secure your VPS from attackers, and do it without quickly overloading your server with iptables rules you just couldn’t run ipset (the preferred high performance and modern companion for iptables).

Solution: OpenVZ 7 Planned Upgrade
We are happy to announce that the time has finally come for us to launch OpenVZ 7 across our locations. We’ve had OpenVZ 7 available in BETA in limited locations for almost three years. We are happy to say OpenVZ 7 is an improvement, and what your service will soon be migrated to.

Docker, ipset, and many other applications now work natively, and new templates such as CentOS 8, Debian 10 and the upcoming Ubuntu 20.04 LTS will be available.

Migrations will occur in controlled waves done by our engineers. You will be contacted at least one week prior to the move.

Will Prices Change?
No. HostUS has made it our policy since our founding in 2012 that your VPS plan price will always remain the same, so long as you continue to pay for the service. You are free to keep that special lower than current price service that cannot be purchased here anymore, you frugal hipster. Now you will be receiving higher performance at the same cost.

Hardware Roadmap
With the new OpenVZ 7 nodes we are bringing in more SSD and NVMe storage (builds will vary) and locations will have more diverse specs.
Some nodes will feature the latest Coffee Lake or Cascade Lake Xeon processors with DDR4 memory. Those are newer generation, 14nm Xeons with more performance, faster clock speeds, better supported features and faster throughput RAM, progress is nice. We will also be using AMD Zen 2 processors in selected locations.

Faster Network
Historically HostUS has used mainly single gigabit uplinks. With our OpenVZ 7 rollout we will be connecting with more bonded gigabit connections and some 10gbit uplinks. This will give the ability for faster network throughput and allow you to more gracefully reach the internet with lower latency and less contention. Subject of course to fair use and good nei**orly behavior.

Have Questions?
Change can be hard. We are here to make it easy for you. Contact our support team for assistance here, they will be glad to hear from you.

We appreciate your continued business, and hope you are as excited for the transition as we are!

Kind regards,

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宣布即将对HostUS OpenVZ VPS服务进行升级!
不久我们将把您的VPS迁移到具有更高性能和更好功能的下一代OpenVZ 7。尽管我们认为您可能会对幕后发生的事情感兴趣,但是您无需采取任何行动,请继续阅读。

作为技术专家,您可能知道OpenVZ虚拟化已经存在了多年。最近,OpenVZ 6成为了报废产品。不过不要担心,因为HostUS继续接收内核补丁。旧的内核版本(2.6.32)和需要更新的内核的更流行的开源软件包使OpenVZ 6成为不太理想的托管选项。如果要运行Docker,则必须使用我们的自定义(和旧)CentOS模板,或者转向更昂贵的KVM虚拟化。如果您想保护VPS免受攻击者的侵害,而又没有通过iptables规则快速使服务器过载,那么您就无法运行ipset(iptables首选的高性能和现代伴侣)。

解决方案:OpenVZ 7计划升级
我们很高兴地宣布,终于到了在我们各个位置启动OpenVZ 7的时候了。我们已经在有限的地区的BETA中提供了OpenVZ 7,将近三年。我们很高兴地说OpenVZ 7是一项改进,您的服务将很快移植到其中。

Docker,ipset和许多其他应用程序现在可以在本机运行,并且新模板(例如CentOS 8,Debian 10和即将推出的Ubuntu 20.04 LTS)将可用。



借助新的OpenVZ 7节点,我们将带来更多的SSD和NVMe存储(内部版本会有所不同),并且位置将具有更多不同的规格。
一些节点将配备具有DDR4内存的最新Coffee Lake或Cascade Lake Xeon处理器。这些是新一代的14nm Xeon,具有更高的性能,更快的时钟速度,更好的支持功能和更快的吞吐量RAM,进步很好。我们还将在选定的位置使用AMD Zen 2处理器。

从历史上看,HostUS主要使用单个千兆位上行链路。通过我们的OpenVZ 7部署,我们将连接更多绑定的千兆位连接和一些10gb上行链路。这将提供更快的网络吞吐量的能力,并允许您以更低的延迟和更少的争用来更优雅地访问Internet。当然要合理使用和良好的行为。




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昨天才拿ovz7 d了个alpine,后来发现ovz7没啥可玩性,内核还是个坑